This mirror is beautifully handmade of colorful "tessera" including exquisite handmade Smalti and
Millefoiri Glass from the famous Venetian Island of Murano in Italy using "Byzantine" technique.

A preview of our mosaic selections

About Billawr

Billawr creates handmade mosaic pieces using various techniques and a diverse combination of old and modern 'tessera' (small hand cut materials) including the natural stone of Jordan, Tiffany glass, reflective glass, Turkish colored glass, marble and the exquisite handmade Millefiori glass from the famous Venetian Island of Murano in Italy.

Our range of selections include miniature decorative pieces, picture frames, wall hanging key holders, beautiful mirrors and more. We also work on custom orders.

For more information please contact us at + 962 79 717 1069 or email us at [email protected]

Our online store is in the works. If you would like to be
informed of our launch date send us a quick message!